Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do we really give back??? Musings on the RMC course

Attending the session on "why we give" was stimulating. In the last so many years, I have never looked at social service as a career option, but sitting through the sessions in Resource Mobilization and seeing the very motivated participants was indeed an eye-opener. One of the questions being discussed was "why do people give". The first answer that came to my mind is that I have been more fortunate than so many others and good fortune must be shared. As I see young girls going to the school opposite my house, I am reminded of the days I sat behind on my dad's bicycle as he took me to school. It is not just the opportunity of education, but the faith, affection and the freedom to be myself.

I wish I could give that back to someone. Not just the money to help educate a girl child, but help give her the courage to take on life and inspire others. The other reason why we give (as in the discussion was) - that we feel guilty. Most participants at the meet felt that money was one form of giving, but more important was the time and the effort of being involved.

As we went through the ten days, I realised how much privileged I have been and that the work I was doing in an elitist environment was not really helping transformation. It has only strengthened my resolve to do more for the not so fortunate children. I hope I will muster the courage to make the decision sooner than later......

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