Thursday, October 29, 2009

Teaching ED and Economics together!!

Teaching ED and Macro this term is a heady combination...While macro forms the basis for my thought process, ED is that inspiration element...Jobs always exist..they need to be identified. Similarly economic thought exists, it needs to be appreciated. What I am experiencing this term is more difficult than before. I find myself struggling to break myths that young minds have accumulated. I find their rigidities more scary than their lack of understanding. I know that learning will happen only when you also unlearn can also only happen when you decide that there could be a contrarian view.
Learning economics is like learning poetry...what appears sad and mundane to you, may appear vibrant and opportunity to another. This is also the basis for entrepreneurial thinking. Over the years, studying economics has helped change the way I think about everything and entrepreneurship happened from the need to give back to society what I gained.
I hope this term helps me get these young minds into at least questioning the obvious and if they need to accept the regular, can they justify it to themselves all the time? In ED it is more difficult to break notions and more important so that it helps them look at the same things differently.. Macroeconomics is as much fun as challenge...and the classes are more like war zones these days..I need to make peace soon..

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Na intenção de divulgar o meu trabalho, cheguei até aqui. Muito bom o seu espaço, gostei bastante. Certamente voltarei mais vezes. Aproveito para convidar a conhecer FOI DESSE JEITO QUE EU OUVI DIZER...em
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